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Milke/Davis, Kleeman/Crandall 
Win Session I  2's Crowns!
Pictured (left to right): Altobelli, Milke, Davis, Cook
The weather finally held out for the Session I 2's playoffs to take place.  In the Intermediate division, Kleeman/Crandall defeated Hammer/Rufano (21-16, 21-17) to take the championship and move up to Advanced for next session.  In the Advanced division, Milke/Davis and Altobelli/Cook made it through the semifinals and met for the finals, with Milke/Davis winning (21-18, 21-19) to win the championship.

Thanks to everyone who played in Session I, and we look forward to a great Session II!
Tuesday 2's Session II starts 7/22!

Due to the cancellation of the Session I playoffs last week, we will be having both the playoffs for Session I and a partial schedule  for Session II this Tuesday.  Please visit the Tuesday Page to see the partial schedule.  Not all teams are playing. 
Thursday 4's Schedule Change

The schedule for Thursday 4's has been changed due to some problems with the original schedule.  Matches after 7/17/14 are different on the new schedule.  Please visit the Thursday Page and take a look at the updated schedule.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
A Stroll Down Memory Lane...JSVBA

While searching on the internet, we came across the old website for the Jersey Shore Volleyball Association (JSVBA).  The JSVBA ran until (at least) 2005, and was the organization that hosted volleyball tournaments on the Jersey shore when the AVP wasn't in town.  It was the predecessor of many other volleyball organizations, including GAV, and many of the top players came through the JSVBA over the years.  We thought it might be nice for those of us who played in the JSVBA to look back at a great time in the history of New Jersey volleyball: