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Bung's Tuesday 2's Session II Registration is Open - 
Spots still available!!
Ancient Stoklos is waiting!

Open registration for Session II of the Bung's Tuesday league, which starts 7/14 and runs through 9/15, is on.  Cost is $100 for the session.  First come, first serve!  Register today on the Tuesday Page.
Happy New Year from NJVball.com
A Stroll Down Memory Lane...JSVBA

While searching on the internet, we came across the old website for the Jersey Shore Volleyball Association (JSVBA).  The JSVBA ran until (at least) 2005, and was the organization that hosted volleyball tournaments on the Jersey shore when the AVP wasn't in town.  It was the predecessor of many other volleyball organizations, including GAV, and many of the top players came through the JSVBA over the years.  We thought it might be nice for those of us who played in the JSVBA to look back at a great time in the history of New Jersey volleyball: